Medicardium - Chelation Therapy - EDTA
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Phototherapy Device

     Based on NASA's research on wound healing  in space, this device uses wavelengths which have been shown to stimulate collagen production, increase growth factors and increase protein synthesis.  This may be useful in repairing damaged or aging tissue.  $199.  Similar systems cost $1500 and up.

Chelation Index

Chelation Bath

Hyperbaric Oxygen


EDTA studies

EDTA Absorption Study


Carbon Dioxide


HRV (EDTA effects)

Calcium RemovalCalcium Removal

EDTA & cancerEDTA & cancer

EDTA & Longevity (lifeextension.htm)

Mercury ControversyMercury Controversy

EDTA - Iron removalEDTA - Iron removal

Chelation - Toxic Metals

Infections & Heart disease

Disposable toothbrush

EDTA - pulse pressure

Biological Age

Parasympathetic Clients Protocol


EDTA suppositories - children

Iron - infections & cancer

EDTA - anthrax antitoxin?

EDTA suppository protocol


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