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Healthiest Website?
YOU decide if the Healthiest Website Book is indeed "the world's healthiest website"
The Healthiest Website Book is so huge that each button on your keyboard will bring you to another Mr-Shortcut website of empowerment, joy, and, of course, EyeCandy

One of the great features of the Healthiest Website Book is Mister Shortcut's choices in reading so many hundreds of books on the subject of healing allopathically versus naturopathically, and seeing that any healing discipline that works from the outside in, such as pharmaceutical medicines is, by definition and nature, alternative medicince.

Primary medicine is, of course, natural medicine; that which we were either born with, or occurs in nature without man's alterations.
As many of Man's alterations have been beneficial, the deadly effects of most of them are not denied by scholars or pragmatic thinkers.

Simply stated, if it's from the ground, you can find a way to bring human benefit with it.
What you do with in the process is where the two tines of the fork go in different directions from their common base.

Because more than four thousand Americans are effectively murdered each WEEK in the U.S. because of medical error,
The Healthiest Website Book was born. Encompassing many hundreds of thousands of pages by Mr-Shortcut,
they are also free for your life, as are all of the "Psychology of _________" websites built for you by MrShortcut.

Whether or not the Healthiest Website Book fulfills the claims of being "the world's healthiest website,"
as well as healthiest website on the internet, and so forth, is ultimately up to you to decide.
What's far more important is for you personally to help reduce, by at least ONE,
the thousands of deaths every single week in and week out that are directly due to medical error and doctor negligence.
There is no acceptable defense for these obscene numbers,
with every month seeing the equivalent of several 911days, month after month after month.

It is even more criminal than the heinous attacks with airplanes, because the deaths are absolutely NOT necessary deaths;
they are NOT acceptable in any degree, and can be avoided.
Over 200,000 deaths in the US each year from medical error and negligence.
Wake UP! How many of those four thousand who were killed this week
would have told you they believed it was possible for them to be among the victims?
How many of LAST WEEK'S four thousand victims would have told you they believed it could happen to them?
HEY! What about next week's four thousand victims?

Learn how to heal naturally. Dr. David Cohen, a naturopathic physician who could, year after year, show the vast majority of his patients enjoying significant or dramatic results WITHOUT USING ANY FURTHER DRUGS OR SURGERY. In each case, the drugs or surgery, or lack of formal diagnosis, brought them even lower. Using advanced technology and many years of wisdom based on experience and study, he managed to achieve an almost perfect string of dramatic successes in each of several, growing number of years. Technology played no small part, naturopathy is also benefiting from advanced technology. Dr. Cohen decided that, if he couldn't see every patient on earth personally, maybe he could touch a few of them with solid useful information, in what he hoped would be the "world's healthiest website."

You are the final arbiter of the success of this mission. You can help prove Dr. Cohen correct by living stronger,
and living stronger for longer, with or without the help of the Healthiest Website Book.

Go ahead, heal naturally!
Learn more in order to live more!

For those who have already benefited, the votes for "healthiest website" are obviously appreciated,
and will be even more appreciated when you pass the best techniques or ideas, supplements or dietary tips,
on to the next generation of new people.   Whatever works best for you, SHARE IT WITH SOMEONE.   MAKE the effort to tell someone.

Whether it's from or just from your own practical experience,
nothing can change the fact that your experience does have value. It is critical that you pass on the best of what you've learned,
pass on to those who will follow. Save them the time and grief you've experienced learning your best lessons.
Wise fellow was heard to say,
  "The only time we should look down on someone    
    is when we're reaching down to offer a hand up."

That's valid enough to be included here as a gentle, and still firm reminder that the best that's inside of you
just seems to come out more when you're helping other people; and I do mean best inside of YOU personally.

We do hope that, physically and otherwise, you'll end up living stronger and living longer,
living healthier and happier, as a result of what some believe is the world's healthiest website,
part of MrShortcut's wonderful world of Masters and Millionaires,
The Healthiest Website Book and Healthiest Website Book

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How many times have we ALL heard it?
How many times have we heard it from you?
All your life you've waited for the faster, more powerful ways to accelerate your success. You have stalled mightily, and succeeded.
At least, you've succeeded at stalling. Here, we improve a few things with PowerGems, the wisest bits of wisdom.
Learn more in order to live more, at the Healthiest Website Book and Healthiest Website Book,
amounting to what may be the internet's healthiest websites,   and easily the largest empowerment network.

Even better, The Healthiest Website Book and Healthiest Website Book creations,
all part of the "Masters and Millionaires" network and empire built by the hands of Mr-Shortcut,
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Already generating many millions of cups of food by YOUR clickthroughs to,
it's fair to describe Mr-Shortcut as the "World's Richest Man" or "The Richest Man on Earth,"
because true wealth surely is not measured by what you gather for yourself, rather, by what you give away to others.

Employ the simple laws of physics for your own direct advantage.   Get wealthy by giving.
You cannot suspend the laws of physics, so it's wise to profit repeatedly from them.
You will find that this fruit of the Healthiest Website Book tastes delicious.
Natural health shortcuts of long-lived people.   Your best health tips... NATURAL health tips,
and the greatest success shortcuts of those we admire most - masters and millionaires and champions.
That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
from one pair of preternaturally busy hands: many hundreds of thousands of unique creations.

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