Establishing and Maintaining Harmony-
Attitude Scientifically Supersedes Aptitude In Determining Altitude,


Yes, you do come with a built-in plan, a schemata. The human body is designed for wellness. It's very automatic, and it's very "built-in." The more you allow your body to do what comes naturally, the more harmony is present in every muscle and corpuscle. Centuries of dedicated research and study have never given us cause to believe otherwise. That means we can use the body's natural movement towards harmony by introducing fewer obstacles.

The human body, and the sophisticated system it contains, are cybernetic, or goal-oriented. It's the only way that each of your countless internal systems can function: with a very identified goal.

Your body knows what it's doing BEFORE you introduce excessive physical and emotional obstacles to natural harmony.

Your body comes complete with a plan, a genetic map. All of its innate functions and processes are focused on one thing - maintaining the health of the organism. Long-term health is the goal behind the principle of homeostasis. Homeostasis is essentially the management of internal affairs, a dynamic and complex mechanism of checks and balances that strives 24 hours a day to keep the body in balance. In this respect, balance and wellness are inseparable. Both are concerned with the preservation of health and the body's will to survive. the vast majority of imbalances are corrected uneventfully without our awareness, but in the pursuit of long-term health, sometimes short-term imbalances must be experienced in order to meet the primary objective.

Imbalances that show up in any section of the mind or body, do not occur by accident. Where there is an effect, there is a cause just as every cause promises an effect. This is a primary sticking point regarding more of us possessing harmony, and maintaining some measure of harmony, because too many people who become very ill believe their illness "just happened." Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Believing such an idea limits the likelihood of making healthy corrections. After all, if I do not recognize a problem, what chance is there that I will attrmpt to fix it?

Health challenges for the most part are the direct result of relinquishing control of what is going into that system, in this case, your body, your mind, your system.

Even if you could make a case that something went wrong by accident, it is still not without cause. Imbalances can be caused by the stress of relationships, worries, financial concerns, toxic emotions, toxic foods and pollution. they all take their toll and will eventually extract payments from the body. If it cannot keep up the payments ill health will occur.

The body will reorganize, downsize and declare bankruptcy if necessary for the greater good of the organism. Acute symptoms and illnesses are all part of the management plan. If imbalances are not properly corrected, and if the stresses continue to mount, they get factored into the plan and become constraints, hindering future attempts to correct further imbalances. As chronic stress continues for a long period of time, and this deep imbalance predominates, the cycle begins to spiral down toward degeneration and disease. At the extreme end of the plan the cancerous tumor is the body's attempt to isolate toxicity in order to maintain overall homeostasis or balance. Everything from allergies to angina to lymphomas is an indication of the body's efforts to respond to a long-term stress that is creating an imbalance. The body is doing the best it can, with what it has in order to maintain life as long as possible.

It may sound ruthless and self-defeating, but the body has the admirable habit of striving to make full use of its available resources (note: available resources), and, if necessary, will even sacrifice one piece or process at a time in order to survive. Dr. Bernard Jensen states that stress uses up valuable nutritional resources that the body has need of elsewhere.

The term homotoxin (homo=human; toxin=poison) refers to any substance to which the body has an adverse or toxic reaction. Such substances include metabolic waste, hazardous environmental material and by products of viruses and bacteria. Toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body are at the root cause of illness and death. The ideal healthy body- one that is stress controlled, nourished, and balanced physically, mentally and emotionally - will avoid disease, having minimal susceptibility to toxins because it has the resources available to thoroughly eliminate toxins from the system before they have any long-term impact. Homotoxicology - the study of the effects of toxicity on the balance and harmony of the human organism - provides significant insight into life extension practices and freedom from disease.

Harmony and Homeopathy Are Compatible To The Healthiest Website Book
The Eastern or Chinese model of medicine sees health as a state of harmonic balance, supported by the uninterrupted flow of life energy throughout the organism. the objective of a wellness practitioner is to offer the patient the tools by which balance and harmony can be restored. Homeopathy is just such a tool. Using dilutions of natural substances to stimulate the body's self-healing processes, homeopathy provides the support that allows the body to rebound and return to its natural state of balance. the principles of homeopathy therefore align with the Eastern model of harmony and health, where a balanced state of being provides the greatest opportunity for achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.

The Eastern Model Of Medicine And The Healthiest Website Book

Eastern Model Of Medicine Is Well In Tune With The Healthiest Website Book chinese medicine is based on an energetic perspective of the body and mind. According to this model, there are five basic qualities or elements of energy: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element symbolizes a deeper quality of energy that relates to specific organs in the body. the relationships between the elements and organs are called spheres of influence. When the spheres are in balance with each other, a state of health persists, while an imbalance anywhere between the spheres can indicate a potential state of illness or disease. It's difficult to argue with the effective benefits of such an outlook, in consideration of the considerably higher success rates enjoyed by those who have been using this outlook for some forty-five or more centuries.

Organized and disorganized states of life energy are classified according to the basic shape of the patient's pattern of disharmony. This inwardly simple yet outwardly complex categorization of life energy, in use since ancient times, in only now beginning to be understood by Western medicine. It shifts one's attention to the true meaning of preventative medicine - not the early detection of pathology, but rather a pro-active commitment to lifestyle practices that promote Longevity. In this case, capitalization is called for, because the single and simple act of focus places an immediate and profound pressure of positive proportions into anything and most everything you apply it to. Those who do not live with harmony in their personal lives, those who do not even enjoy harmony in their academic or professional lives, have no warrant to opine, LET ALONE TEACH OR LEAD, with respect to developing harmony, earning harmony. With all the many facets and techniques, shortcuts and secrets, applied methodologies (and more) shared all throughout focus is a key, a critically useful tool that applies to each and all.

Focus improves breathing, focus advances creation solutions, bringing them from where you keep them mostly hidden right to the forefront of your conscious mind. Yes, yes, you think you know and understand the value of focus.

The Zen of Prime Excellence and Healthiest Website Book both posit that your life is definitive evidence of the truth.

If you fully grasped the value and many separate yields of focus, your opinion would be of considerable value, and not only to yourself.

In the next day or two, you will repeat any number of actions. Applying increased focus, intentionally, knowing that focus brings increased performance and better results, harmony appears as a natural consquence. Focus has a range of benefits waiting for you.

If a child asked you, right now, what three things contribute most to having harmony in life, what would your answer be?

Harmony is available and most often attained by those who seek harmony.
Don't misconstrue that as an oversimplification. Take another look.
Harmoney is not that different from any other of life's realities,
in that we may not always get what we want in our lives,
yet we repeatedly end up getting what we actively expect.
Anger, harmoney, dissonance, confusion, clarity, happiness;
aren't they all components of the same basic forces of expectation?

Harmony comes to those who gently pursue her, knowing when to ease off.
Harmony is available to every single one of us, no matter how dark your circumstances.
The question is, are you waiting for harmony to come to you, or shall you seek harmony's embrace?

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