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Healthiest Website Route Dove Healthiest Website Route Although you've probably been taught otherwise, wise up:
Knowledge is NOT power.Those who believe it is work within their limits.
Those who understand the truth act beyond their limits to establish new lines
This is less of a loss than that caused by their influence on those who follow.
Beware those who speak with strong opinions and weak foundations;
they tear down relentlessly in the face of their personal inaction.

Knowledge is only potential power until we act upon that knowledge. Healing naturally is as self-explanatory as a term can be. You were born to heal naturally, and as you have noticed you've already healed naturally countless times in your life, right?

The Way Of Master Longevity means adopting intelligent and natural approaches that have proven to be more effective than the methods we've adopted over the past forty years. For tramautic injuries or absolutely necessary surgeries, it's hard to compete with the American standard, notwithstanding a hundred people dying each day from stupid surgery errors. On the whole, the American approach has been highly effective. Civilians and soldiers alike who've had nonsurgically removed arms, legs, eeyes, organs can have shiny new arms and legs far faster than we could have dreamed. Yet, for disease, America ranks 29th out of the world's thirty putatively advanced countries for success with disease. To those whose interest in learning exceeds a desire for money or recognition, it's intellectually and otherwise exciting to see that natural approaches to disease - no matter the country - are generally six to twelve times more efficient. With relation to cancer, it's even higher!

Please identify any cancer drug or radiation therapy or chemotherapy that has achieved more than five percent success in any trial or long-term application. Even one would be impressive, and there may be one on the way now, already halfway through the ten-year process of proving it to the FDA at a cost of over nine hundred million dollars. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands and then more hundreds of thousands of dead bodies every year just from cancer despite the range of effective natural remedies for so many different varieties of cancer. Only your participation will move even one ounce or erg of energy towards remediating this brutal assault by those are not happy with wealth; demanding utter monopolication of a critical industry. Your participation means more than voicing an opinion, Genius.   You will have greater power the moment you exercise your power.

What you do speaks so loudly
we'd rather not hear a word you say.

Each time we look at a legitimate naturopath we see success rates consistently above the forty percent mark. There is only resentment or fear resulting from this. Either resentment that citizens like you tolerate it with no sustained response, or fear that the generations coming up after ours are in for such sad results decade after decade when relying upon chemical intervention. When we attempt to transplant an organ into a human, the body automatically rejects it because it is recognized, biochemically and electronically, as a stranger, incompatible with the genetic presentation that is you. Consider that an anti-rejection drug is to stop your body from accepting something that will be pouring horribly mismatched information to the brain centers that the organ must communicate with. The anti-rejection drug stops your immune system from doing what it's supposed to. That's why so many people die during or subsequent to transplant operations: either the immune system expires, followed by the patient, or the body just can't handle the intrusive of a scalpal cutting open the human body.

These intrusive methods requiring knives and chemicals and irradiating a living, breathing human being with radioactive material,
POSSIBLY useful after all natural methods of healing, natural approaches to healing, have been ineffective.
Personal observation, anecdotal information, and, oh, yes, more than a thousand individual studies have all show us the same thing when you have a competent naturopath, someone who's more interesting in helping than in earning.

Again and again you find natural methods working more effectively, consistently higher and healthier results than we are obtaining through chemical and radioactive intervention.

Stop kidding yourself: there is no magic pill. Any human who would waste your time disputing this should be paid to count the coffins of those who die each and every day JUST from the medicine or approach of what we are now calling conventional medicine, which is anything but.

A million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year; half of them die. Whether or not you wish to sidetrack into disputes concerning precisely what percentage are killed by the medicine and not the disease, half of all diagnosed cancer patients in America die within a few years. This is the foundation of the entire proposition that medical doctors need to have their patients use multiple natural approaches BEFORE using invasive methods. It's logical, and it's basic to the mind that does not focus on acquisition of money or peer recognition, instead choosing to remain in a Marie Curie state of mind, literally forgetting to eat because one is so focused on developing resolutions. Never mind that her material generated more financial expense, more trees for paper on the subjects of how her material would and could be used. because she did, after all, reap a tiny portion of her plantings by dying from disease CAUSED by her material. Today, we have billions and billions invested in pursuing such treatments that have never had a tenth the effectiveness - and that's a measured percentage - of natural approaches to cancer.

Men and women alike, so convinced of their superior knowledge, lose an equal and opposite amount of their energy to such a conviction. Putatively educated scientists are pursuing answers based on predetermined or already existing beliefs and opinions rather than the open-ended pursuit of creative solutions. This provides a clear understanding of why we don't have Pasteurs and Edisons and Lindberghs or Paul Reveres in leaping numbers consonant with the same per capita ratio of performers using both sides of their brain during the generations of such heroes.

How many doctors do you know who slave sixteen and eighteen hours per day catering to a beloved community? Because they represent barely three in every one hundred, we need to applaud and reward them. It's the other ninety-seven who are contributing so largely and directly to the number of people who are not pulling through their ultimate challenge. then again, perhaps you will merely deride as a hothead any who dare to mention that iatrogenia ("...given to the patient by the physician") is the third highest cause of death in America. Two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand people per year. No less than six hundred thousand rushed to emergency rooms each year directly because their so-called medicine caused a horrible result, are admitted to the hospital. That's just one in ten who show up at the ermergency room directly because of bad reactions to taking what and how much the doctor instructed them to take. Their pharmaceutical drugs that are supposed to heal them are blowing out hearts, livers, brain functions, and more.

Antibiotics are becoming less and less useful: your body is no longer fooled. Once you take stronger levels of antibiotic your body will not respond properly the next time because your body identified the medicine as an invader out to cause suppression and built up the necessary immunity to it. Remember, antibiotics themselves are not healing agents; they are designed to attack the body and weaken it to the point where your brain, aware of immiment lethal threat to existence, goes into triple-time overdrive to fight off the first infection. Don't ever let any of your children believe that an antibiotic is a healing agent; it is not. It is a completely separate infection designed to make your body so weak in lymphocytic activity that it will go into the mode we often refer to as "fight or flight." Too many have lost the fight.

More than a thousand individual humans who have mothers, fathers, children, siblings; more than a thousand die each day of the week as we erroneously attach our positive images of a caring family doctor with the current climate of money superceding all else for eight of every ten doctors.

You can like it, you can dislike it, you can be objective if you care to try it. Who wouldn't love someone who goes through all that gory business with blood and cadavers? One must pay respect to a man or women who devotes themselves to twenty consecutive years of schooling from kindergarten to internship. It's the other, vast majority of physicians who are killing Americans with definitively insane regularity. Numbers don't lie; people merely twist them to their means. Ultimately, the mind that seeks to grow, the mind that remains flexible, remains the only mind capable of learning, as in,
"He who knows everything can be taught nothing."

Yes, there are both mountebanks and incompetents in the field of natural healing, just as we have terrible and wonderful cops and surgeons and politicians and pitchers. When you find a David Cohen, or any man or woman who has a specific history of helping people to help themselves, avail yourself of their expertise and successes. Use the internet, use your library, use the encyclopedia you bought for your kids. Ask people around you; as long as you stop asking people who do not know from personal experience that they can describe to your satisfaction. Every record that I've shattered is a direct result and descendant of someone or some more people doing it better before any of us; leading the way and specifically showing the rest of us how to duplicate their magnificent results. Shut up and marvel for just a moment at the immense nature and scope of your faculties and resources. If you're not living better, it can only be, for ninety-nine-plus percent of the population, due to one of two causes:
  • You do not do it better simply because you do not yet know how to do it better.

  • or
  • You do know better and you've just waited for your wakeup call.

If you're not doing better because you do not know better, fix this by learning more. That means learning more particularly from those doing it better than you. Each and every time you take great information from people who are doing it better and then observe which ways work best for you by then adding your own knowledge and experience.

If you're not doing better because you do know better, you're too confused to be at the Healthiest Website Route. Fix whatever's wrong by doing more of what you do know.
Never mind the claims about the Healthiest Website Route being a part of several hundred thousand unique pages from MisterShortcut. It's far bigger than that. The claim of several hundred thousand unique web pages from one pair of hands was decided upon mostly so that when someone does come along and claim more than several hundred thousand unique pages, they will find they have hundreds of thousands of individually focused minutes of production ahead of them still. The only humans capable of putting forth such effort are people who are focused upon helping others as much or more than in helping themselves, and you wouldn't want me to encourage a reduced standard for their canonization, would you?

The point is that you have access here alone at the Healthiest Website Route and all of the other Masters  and   Millionaires websites built for you by the Godfather of Shortcuts.

The point is that, as vast as you'll find the Healthiest Website Route and the Psychology  of  Shortcuts to be,
they are just drops in the ocean of material available to you.

The point is that you just don't have excuses anymore. If you don't know better, you can see that you have the best on earth to tap into, most of the time at no charge. In just about every language, too, answers and resolutions.
From this day forward, those who know that you've ingested these words will see you as someone striving to be your own superstar, or you will be seen as being more interested in consuming resources rather than sharing them with current and future humans. Okay, at least we know where you stand, good or bad.

Adopt your own notional version of the Healthiest Website Route.
The concepts and methods, the questions and shortcuts, all focus on using the resources that are all around us.

Healing naturally is so much better, and less costly.
Please, please, stop with the excuses for mediocrity.
We're looking for the best in you. We will find it..
Ultimately, you are the Healthiest Website Route.
Be well. Better health is more of a choice than a matter of circumstance.

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Learn more to live more and give more, with the secrets of the Healthiest Website Route.
Designed because you deserve to excel using great shortcuts
You can even say that this is produced to promote,
not a product, rather, YOUR progress into success.
and brought to you by the CEO of your fan club.

The Healthiest Website Route and the Godfather of EyeCandy, dedicated to You
These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.     These are your resources; use them or lose them.

The health benefits gained and gleaned from the Healthiest Website Route tend to support all else.
Whether you begin with the Healthiest Website Route or the Healthiest Website Route,
you can be confident and even certain that you are about to begin winning more.

Shortcuts, "Q's" and


* Incidentally or not...*
You may note that the Way Of Master Shortcuts and Healthiest Website Route is mostly presented to you in bold lettering.
The difference that this has made for many tens of millions of people with visual challenges is worth attending to.
Unlike ALL-CAPS, which can oftentimes be taken to mean that the person typing is going through a bit of rage,
the bold lettering just makes the difference between needing eyeglasses to read here... or not needing to.
So, if you feel that the Way Of Master Shortcuts and Healthiest Website Route are yelling,
kindly remember TENS OF MILLIONS of visually challenged people.   Reasonable?

When you fail to squeeze a bit more from your today, can tomorrow improve?
The results you are counting in your life is less a total, more of a subtotal.
Although they are the total of all your yesterdays combined together,
the gift of today is that your total is no more than your life subtotal.
All your yesterdays PLUS today is what will equal your tomorrow.
Add just one percent more into something that you do today,
and you are promised a tomorrow even sweeter than today.
When you engage your Way Of Master Shortcuts and Healthiest Website Route,
you will rapidly find the Way Of Master Shortcuts and Healthiest Website Route engaging you.
From, the simple test you get to use for the rest of your life for food, etc.
to the simple and undeniably powerful shortcuts and secrets of success, the choice to learn more is yours.
In return for your agreement to help more of our earth's helpless, you will learn here the great secrets of life.
Start now with more air (deeper breathing at least once per hour), clean water (a few ounces every waking hour),
if only because your kidneys, which pump more than a liter of blood every minute of your life, are so heavily taxed;
never less than a teaspoon or two of real salt per day, which is AIR-DRIED sea salt, the third most critical nutrient of life,
knowing that a fantastic eighty-plus percent of all humans seen to live beyond 100 eat/drink unheated olive oil most days.
and plenty of green vegetables, all of which is helped by maintaining good intestinal bacteria, by not eating so much garbage.
You will find more often than not that the greatest secrets of Longevity, as of those relating to wealth, are indisputably simple.
Less talking on your part, more listening to those doing it better than you, followed by your own imitation and innovation.
It's a very good way to win at living life ... most serious and exciting game of all.
Provided you help the helpless, you are welcome at the Way Of Master Shortcuts and Healthiest Website Route.

Healthiest Website Route Aiming To Become Your Healthiest Website

Healthiest website? A bold enough claim to require support for thought as healthiest website.
The Healthiest Website Route makes such a statement because HealthGems are from knowledge.
Knowledge from people living stronger for longer is the most useful, the healthiest information.
The more you learn, the better your decisions tend to be, as you will most likely agree.
Having better information means having better tools to make your decisions with.
Thus are you advised to learn more, so you can live more, naturally, naturally.
Welcome to the healthiest website in town, the Healthiest Website Route.